Hello Friends and Marketing Partners!

Raiel here and I am proud to finally announce the re-launch of my new PLR membership site, PLRNicheClub.

If you are reading this page it's because we've either worked together in the past, or you stumbled upon PLRNicheClub, found it to be great, and now want to promote it to others.

On this page you will find information about the PLRNicheClub Affiliate Program along with how to access promotional material for your marketing campaigns.

PLRNicheClub 2.0 Affiliate Program Details:

Our Product:

If you are reading this page it's because we've either worked together in the past, or you stumbled upon PLRNicheClub, found it to be great, and now want to promote it to others. In this case you are wondering what exactly PLRNicheClub is, here is a quick description:

PLRNicheClub 2.0 is your one-stop niche domination solution for high-octane niche PLR at an affordable price. We offer our members two exclusive, high-quality plr product packages every month complete with a salesletter, articles, affiliate tools, and more.

Also included in our customer's membership is an access pass to PLReBookClub - Clickbank's #1 PLR/Resell Rights, Updated Bonuses, and One-on-One Support.

The great thing about PLRNicheClub 2.0 is that we offer our members video and personal training so you'll get repeating sales from your same visitor every single month.

Not only that, but we break off our video training and product package releases in segments.

This keeps visitor retention high, and helps members remain active (by having them continually checking out the members area to receive new content).

Our incremental plugin also encourages users on trial to complete their membership in order to receive access to our new tools and packages.

Payment Plans:

We offer multiple payment options for your visitors in order to bring you the highest conversions and drive you the biggest profits. With the PLRNicheClub 2.0 Affiliate Program you can earn up to $148.50 or more for every sale you make from a visitor.

A Quick Rundown Of Our Sales Funnel:

Prelaunch: During our prelaunch your visitors will be able to receive early access to PLRNicheClub 2.0 based off of two options.

OTO Offer (no longer active): If you send your visitor to our free report and if after they opt in, and they decide to purchase the one time offer you will earn $13.50* on the front-end offer

(12 PLR Product Packages from the original PNC + 30 Days FREE Access to the new PNC 2.0) and $23.50/month* off of their standard membership

Free Trial: You can also send your visitors to a FREE Trial limited offer where they will receive 30 days access to PNC 2.0 for free.

If they choose to continue their membership you will earn a 50% commission off of their entire monthly membership, netting you roughly $23.50, or more in net revenue.

After your visitors opt in for their free report or trial membership, they will also be followed up via email to encourage them to take action on their material.

This means that even if your visitors don't initially subscribe to our membership, there is a good chance they may in the future and you will get paid.

Main Launch:

During our main launch we will have multiple payment gateways in order to ensure your chances of making a sale is optimized.

When your visitor sees our order page, initally they will have three options.

Membership Levels: You Earn:
PLRNicheClub 2.0 Trial Membership: 50% on all recurring subscription payments
PLRNicheClub 2.0 Quarterly Membership: 50% on all recurring subscription payments
PLRNicheClub 2.0 Yearly Membership: 50% on all recurring subscription payments

If at any point during the sales process your visitor attempts to leave the page we will offer them a free 24 hour access pass to PLRNicheClub 2.0.

If after 24 hours they remain a member, you will earn an instant fifty perecent commission on their entire monthly membership subscription fees.

In addition to your immediate sales, we will also continually follow-up with any users who have opted in for our free report or free membership but has not taken action yet and you will earn 50% on any future sales that may trickle in after your main promotional campaigns.


We will be offering monthly cash bonuses to any high-preforming marketing partners. Cash bonuses will be sent straight to your paypal in addition to your regular affiliate commissons.

Bring Us: You Earn:
5 Active Subscriptions (after trial) FREE Quarterly Access To PNC 2.0
10 Active Subscriptions (after trial) FREE Yearly Access To PNC 2.0
25-50 Active Subscriptions (after trial) $50 instant payment bonus
51-100 Active Subscriptions (after trial) $100 instant payment bonus
101+ Active Subscriptions (after trial) $250 instant payment bonus

Exceptionally strong promoters can contact us for exclusive bonus packages.

Sign Up:

Interested in what you see? Sign up as a JV Partner to receive instant access to our promo tools and exclusive insider tips!

* Before applicable Paypal Transaction Fees

Questions or comments? Then please email me at: raielschwartz[AT]gmail.com or you will be able to reach me on skype by adding: raielschwartzmarketing

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