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From: Raiel Schwartz
PLR Expert, Marketing
Consultant and Web 2.0 Marketer


Memo: Welcome To The New PNC 2.0!

Hello Fellow Marketers,

I’m sure you’re sick and tired of the same old, tired, over-used PLR products that are floating across the market today. You are not alone!

Most marketers are fed up with the crappy PLR out there claiming to be “FRESH and UNIQUE." Yeah right! Most of the time, it turns out to be some regurgitated mess from 10 or 20 years ago!

How much money can you really make with that non-sense?

That's why you can’t trust just any old PLR content. If you really want to have a successful online business, your first task at hand should be to find top-quality PLR content that you can use on a consistent basis.

Otherwise, you’ll just be SPINNING your wheels caught in a cycle of buying bad, over-used PLR that you have to sift through with a fine tooth comb just to make it “presentable.” 

Or even worse, you'll waste a bunch of time doing it yourself only to find out months later that it is not working.


STEP 1: Create a Unique, High-Quality Product That is in Demand

I re-iterate… this product must be UNIQUE, of HIGH-QUALITY and IN-DEMAND in order to bring you profits. Again, no one wants the same old PLR content they’ve purchased 20 times already! 

In order to really “awe” your audience, you must provide them with good, relevant content consistently on complete auto-pilot. This is the SECRET SAUCE to setting yourself up as the expert while raking in the dough 24/7 while you sleep!

You’re probably thinking “Are you crazy? I can’t create a product – I have no idea where to start!”

Don’t worry… it’s not as hard as you think. In fact, creating a product is quite simple but it still requires a lot of work! Notice I said that creating a product is “simple”…. But I did not say it was “easy.”

Creating a Cash-Pumping Product Involves:

Who has time for all of that!?

Everything on that list above takes diligence and expertise if you want to get it right. 

To be honest, your entire project could be ONE BIG FLOP if you miss a step in the process. 

    What if your product has ZERO market potential? 

    What if you manage to get a massive amount of people to your website, but they don’t CONVERT? 

    What if you can’t even manage to get 10 people to your site at all?

Then you’ve just wasted a bunch of time, energy and money for NOTHING.

But none of this is an issue when you have superb PLR content behind you making your product-creation process a SUCCESS. 

Top-Notch PLR Makes Creating a Product QUICK and SIMPLE So You Can Start MAKING SALES and BOOST Your Income Almost Immediately!

Now don’t get me wrong. SIMPLE does not mean EASY. Product creation is simple, but you still have to put in work if you want to make money.

That brings me to step 2...

STEP 2: Market Your Product the RIGHT Way

Once you have created a great product, it’s time to get TRAFFIC – this is where the big bucks start rolling in! 

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers get this part WRONG. Not being able to get traffic to your offer is a recipe for DISASTER. 

A lot of marketers become extremely frustrated and end up quitting because they didn’t know how to properly market their products. 

Don't let this happen to you!

Internet marketing has a strange way of making you feel like you were DOOMED before you even started. But there is hope if you take advantage of the right resources.

Luckily, there is a way to overcome all of your marketing problems – especially when you have good PLR in your arsenal!

The Secret Recipe to Massive Online Business Success is MARKETING.

A solid, cash-sucking marketing campaign consists of a mixture of the following powerful methods:

     Keyword Research

     Social Bookmarking

     Article Writing

     Forum Marketing

     Blog Commenting

     Video Marketing

     Pay-Per-Click Advertising

     Link Building

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

     Search Engine Marketing (SEM - the other half)

     Joint Ventures

     Squeeze Pages

     Affiliate Marketing

     CPA (Cost Per Action)

     Forum Marketing

     Press Releases

     E-mail Marketing

     & 1,000s of  Other Ways

Intimidated Yet? Don’t be! The possibilities for marketing your online business are ENDLESS. 

Want to Know How Millionaire Marketers Get it Done? 
Yep, with good, solid PLR content!

But you have to DO IT if you want any chance of success. Most marketers become paralyzed by trying to “figure out” which marketing strategy to choose. 

Pick one and run with it... the money will follow!

STEP 3: Sit Back, Relax and Cash In on Your Product

Speaking of "money," here’s my favorite step of the process. Once you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, it’s time for the “CHA-CHING!”

But wait… are you sure you followed steps 1 and 2 the RIGHT way? If not, you could end up WASTING your precious time, resources and money on an idea that may not work!

Don't go back down that road...

Aren't You Ready to End This VICIOUS Cycle Once and For All?


You’ve probably heard about the original PLR Niche Club… well, it just got 10 TIMES HOTTER!

The BRAND NEW, LIMITED PLR Niche Club 2.0 Membership is your ONE-STOP Niche-Domination Solution to Creating High-Quality Digital Products Every Single Month So You Can CASH-IN Like Clockwork!

We have the most talented graphic designers, the most competent researchers, and the most diligent product creators on our team to help you create products that SELL.

But it doesn’t stop there… We even have a TOP COPYWRITER on the team who is responsible for writing several SIX-FIGURE sales letters for other Internet Marketers!

Just having access to the powerful, attention-grabbing, high-converting words from this copywriter alone would cost you THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS PER SALES LETTER!


Don’t waste another dime on PLR ebooks that have been over-used and exploited to the public over the past decade.

Do you really think you are providing real value to your customers by doing that? Be careful… when they find out that they’ve been swindled they will come out swinging with a vengeance! And that’s the last thing you want to deal with.

Not only will you ruin your reputation, but your repeat sales will be pretty much non-existent.

So don’t put yourself in that situation. You don’t have to.

With your EXLUSIVE PLR Niche Club 2.0 membership, you can finally sleep at night knowing that you’re saving thousands of dollars AND receiving top-notch PLR content to help you MAKE MONEY.

This membership will help you create and market products that will out-do your competition EVERY SINGLE TIME!

   Do you see the benefits of having your very own turn-key niche empire that provides you with “done-for-you” research AND product creation on auto-pilot every single month?

   Do you see the value in having a pre-designed website and a profit-pulling sales letter already written for you every single month?

   Do you see the wealth waiting for you at the end of the tunnel with a PLR membership site that consistently produces new SALES FUNNELS and PROFIT STREAMS for you while you sleep?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may want to plan on working a J.O.B. the rest of your life because making money on the Internet is NOT FOR YOU. 

If you can’t see the value in having fresh, quality content available at your finger-tips, then you might as well shut down your computer right now so you don’t throw away anymore of your money!

This is not just an opportunity to make you more money faster. This is an opportunity for you to get the ultimate SECRET TO SUCCESS – YOUR TIME!

That’s right… your time is your most precious asset and it should be spent WISELY. There are only 24 hours in a day. With everything it takes to live your life AND run a business, there’s barely enough time left to eat 2 square meals!

Think about it: If you could free up 8 hours per day of your life for 30 days every single month, how much would that be worth to you? 

Yep… you’re right; it’s PRICELESS.

Joining the PLR Niche Club 2.0 will not only give you your time back, but it will also help you FINALLY START BANKING on the millions of dollars being made every single day online!

Maybe you don’t know just how POWERFUL good, PLR content really is. 

Let me help you out.

Here’s a short list to show you exactly how PLR content can BOOST YOUR SALES and EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS:

     Download a PLR Package from our website, edit a few files, and immediately sell it and keep 100% of the profits. You can easily create a 6-Figure monthly income with an empire of our profit-pulling PLR products. 

     Explode your opt-in list by giving away free PLR content. 597 subscribers and over $1392 in sales in under 7 days is the power of PLR. Best thing of all is you can keep on reselling to your list once they are subscribed.

     Create a traffic rush to your website by posting high quality content on your blog and web pages. Content is the driving force behind returning visitors and our PLR content is written specifically for visitors to come to your website and more importantly buy your products and services.

     Increase Customer Relations by offering High-Value PLR Products as bonuses for any existing products you already have. Offering bonuses is a sure-fire way to increase conversions in any niche and our products will have your customers smiling and pleased.

     Use Private Label Right products to reduce market research by 77%. PLR Products are a great way to become an instant expert in a niche. Establish the online authority that you deserve without hours of scrutinizing research.

     Dominate Search Engine Rankings by submitting high quality Articles. Our PLR Articles are the perfect mix between optimized SEO and power-packed content. It's simple. The higher your website is shown in google, yahoo, and bing, the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get the more sales you make. The more sales you make, the more money you earn. The days of countless hours wasted on writing articles from scratch is GONE.

     Copy & Paste your way to online riches. With PLR e-mails all you have to do is use our proven-profitable templates to pull a massive profit overnight. Paste, Click, and Earn. It's like printing your own money!

     Generate New Income Streams by using PLR. Did you know you can burn eBooks on CDs and DVDs and sell as on physical products? How about creating listings on auction sites like eBay? The profit potential is limitless with PLR.

     Use PLR to generate ideas for your own product. You don't have to use PLR the way you get it when you download it. Cut and paste portions of it to add on to your own product or create a whole new product on its own. PLR is there for you to mold it in any shape that your business requires. 

     Build Residual Income - Use a collection of Private Label Right products in the same niche to launch your own membership site. Membership sites allow you to charge your customers on a monthly basis. What does that mean for you? Massive incomes each and every month like clockwork.

     Offline Business? No problem! PLR Content can be used to provide more value for your offline clients and leads. Most people think PLR exists only in the realm of online marketing, but those who use it in their offline ventures have virtually non-existent competition. 

     Launch Viral Reports that spread like a computer virus! PLR products can be edited with your own affiliate links and websites. You can get other people to redistribute YOUR links by offering master resale rights to your products. Your customers are happy because it opens up a new revenue stream for them and you're happy because you are receiving free advertising.

     And much, much more!

I could go on…But there are so many effective ways to use PLR that I couldn’t possibly list them all in this sales letter. 

Private Label Rights are truly limitless due to the hundreds of PROVEN ways it can work for your business.

The Best Part About it All is That You Can Have ALL OF THIS Without Even Breaking a Sweat!

Here’s Exactly What You'll Find Inside The New PLRNicheClub 2.0

Membership Feature #1 – Receive 2 Custom Written eBooks on Researched Niche Topics

Now you can profit from 2 BRAND NEW PLR Products that You Can Sell Every Single Month!

Our products get nothing but TLC (tender, loving care) from our team of professionals who are responsible for the sales copy, the website design, and product development.

These custom-written eBooks are designed to PULL PROFITS in their particular niches. These are not some cookie-cutter, regurgitated eBooks. In fact, I personally research and find two profitable niches each month to provide to my members.

Each eBook includes 40-60 pages in .doc format so you can easily alter the content to your liking. Don’t want to mess around with editing them? Don’t worry! We also provide our eBooks pre-packaged and ready to go in PDF format. Then, you can spend your time doing what you enjoy best… Selling!

You can sell the eBook as-is or use it for blog content, articles, short reports, or whatever you want!

Monthly Value: $997+

Don’t believe me? Go ahead… Go find an expert in any niche and ask them to write a 40-60 page eBook for you. Your credit card will want to cry!

Membership Feature #2 – Receive 2 High-Quality Minisite Designs for Each Niche Topic

You may have the best product ever, but without eye-catching, visual representation your competition will leave you in the dust!

Let’s take logo designs for instance. Many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars just for a simple logo design. Why? Because they want to effectively represent and brand their business so they stand out from the crowd.

With the PLR Niche Club 2.0, your branding is done for you with our beautiful minisites that are specifically designed around the product being promoted. In addition to your 2 eBooks, you will also receive two matching minisite designs to help convert your visitors into BUYERS!

Each Minisite Design Includes:

1 Header
1 Footer
9 eCover Graphics (3 formats in 3 sizes)
1 Order Now Button
1 Subscribe Now Button
5 Promo Banners



The Source files in .PSD so that you can easily edit the ecovers and site to suit your own personal needs. Customization has never been easier.

A Sales Template. Simply open up the index.html file in your favorite .html editor and begin editing your site without worrying about coding the graphics.

Monthly Value: $197 EACH

Your product is only as good as its image. That is why we hire out the top graphic designers in the industry to create sales-pumping minisite designs – the perfect complement for a info-packed eBook!


Membership Feature #3 – Receive 2 Highly-Responsive Sales Letters

Every marketer knows that sales copy

can either MAKE or BREAK their product. Having a conversion rate from %1 to %3.5 can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in net revenue.

That’s why we have a six-figure producing copywriter to write the sales letters for our products. Why?

It's simple. The more money you make with our PLR products, the longer you stay with us.

We value our members and that is why we give them nothing short of top-notch quality.

Monthly Value: $697+

Membership Feature #4 – Receive 10 Articles Written Specifically to Optimize Each Niche Topic

Articles are one of the fastest, most powerful ways to build exposure and backlinks to your website. That is why we deliver 10 articles for you to use for each niche topic. 

We do the research so all you need to do is tweak them and then submit your articles to directories.

Do this on a consistent basis and watch the backlinks and traffic start flowing to your page! Good articles are hard to come by; we make sure ours are GREAT

Article Marketing is one of the most boring, tedious online tasks, so in addition to saving you time, we are also saving YOU.

Monthly Value: $197+

Membership Feature #5 – Receive a 5-Part Autoresponder Email Series for Each Niche Topic

There is a popular saying amongst internet marketers - "the Money is in the list". Building a list is the best ways to set up your business for repeat customers.

Building a relationship with your customers will get them to develop trust in your products and in return, they will buy from you every time you have something new to offer them.

This is why we build a 5 part e-mail marketing series for each site we offer. We know how important list-building and email marketing is so we write the exact content that your customers are looking for.

Research suggests that only after being exposed to a product 5 times will a person decide to buy it, that is why we offer a 5-day marketing course - to push your conversions to the highest of its natural abilities.

Not only will you earn THOUSANDS of dollars with this alone, but if you were to pay for this monthly you would pay a nice penny for it.

Monthly Value: $197+

Membership Feature #6 – Receive Keyword Research and Analysis for Each Niche Topic

Your websites are only as good as the keywords you are using on them. All keywords are NOT created equal and we keep that fact in mind when we conduct keyword research for our product packages.

We research the best keywords for our niches and organize them in an easy to read format. You will see how much traffic each keyword brings, the type of competition, and whether or not you should go for the terms.

Without this research, the best product will mean nothing because you won't be effectively targeting the terms that will bring in SALES.

Don't waste your own time trying to conduct thorough keyword research (and possibly failing misery) let us put your mind at ease, leave the hard work to us :)

Monthly Value: $97+

Membership Feature #7 – Online Video Training

Learn the SECRETS of product creation that even the Gurus use to create CASH-SUCKING content that keeps their customers repeatedly hitting the BUY NOW button!

If you struggle to create profitable products of your own, then your worries are OVER.

These 8 Online Videos will walk you through a STEP-BY-STEP process on how to profit with PLR content! You will learn everything from how to download PLR, how to edit the content, and finally how to MONETIZE and cash in on your work!

This video training will speed up the process of making your business a SUCCESS. We leave no stone un-turned and reveal everything you need to in order to bring in a fantastic, hands-free income EVERY DAY!

Just to give you a tiny bit of what you will discover inside these videos:

  • How to find your most PROFITABLE, un-tapped keywords that will help you DOMINATE your market

  • How to maximize the benefits of article marketing using our pre-written, high-quality PLR articles

  • How to create a brand new stream of COLD-HARD CASH just by using our simple makeover "polisher technique"

  • Last, but not least, how to market and monetize our PLR Products. In our second video series we will walk you by the hand in even creating your first profitable campaigns. Just simply watch over our shoulders and we will show you how everything is done!

Membership Feature #8 – Discounts, Updates, and  Bonuses for Our VALUED MEMBERS:

Once you become a PLR Niche Club 2.0 monthly member, you will receive any additional updates, improvements and value-added services that we add on at a later date absolutely free!

As our way of saying "Thank you" for being a valued member, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to all of our additional, unlimited extra perks at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

But it doesn't stop there... Not only will you receive awesome deals from us, but you will receive EXCLUSIVE DEALS on all types of products from all over the Internet! 

In addition you are open up for private JVs... yes, joint ventures! If you are a product creator looking to JV with someone who can help you spread the word about your product, Let's talk.

That’s not all…

Still not convinced that the PLR Niche Club 2.0 Membership is right for you?

All of this content waiting to MAKE YOU MONEY and you’re still undecided?

Well… Don’t worry – I got ya covered!

I am assuming ALL THE RISK by offering you one of the ABSOLUTE BEST MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEES in the business.

Don’t waste anymore time – ACT NOW before you miss out on an opportunity to finally have a SUCCESSFUL, CASH-SUCKING online business.

Just for good measure, I’m going to sweeten this deal even more – hold on to your hat because these THREE HOT BONUSES will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY!

2 Bonus PROFIT PDF Documents!


Discover how you can INSTANTLY PROFIT and quickly build your online business by using PLR content with these two INFORMATION-PACKED reports!

5 Ways to Profit from PLR!

This 32 page guide will reveal how you can use PLR to build a HUGE list of hungry prospects with credit cards in hand! 

It covers everything you need to know from how to build a list, article marketing, auto-blogging, firesales, bonuses, and how to select niche market products!

You Also Get the PLR Niche Club 2.0 PROFIT GUIDE!

This 60+ page of NO FLUFF training will teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to pull in cash from your products while you sleep! 

It will cover 5 different ways you can profit from PLR and include details such as how to edit PLR, PLR marketing tips/ideas, and much much more. 

Follow The Steps in These Two Guides and Watch Your PLR Products Sell Like Hotcakes!

Value: $97

Online Web Creation Suite


Squeeze Page Creator - Create high-converting squeeze pages -- no programming or tech skills required. Choose from 4 proven templates.



E-book Cover Creator - Create 3D e-book or DVD covers in seconds! Turns any image into a high-quality cover. Four templates to choose from.



Video Squeeze Creator - Create a killer video squeeze page using our simple, automated "wizard." Choose from 4 great templates.



Graphic Creator - Create professional quality order buttons, headlines, guarantees, and order forms -- without Photoshop or graphics skills! It's simple -- just point and click.


Value: $197

One-to-One Personal Support

Need help with your PLR website? I'm here to help you get setup and start making money as quickly as possible! It doesn't matter if you're brand new to this and don't have a clue on how to make money on the Internet.

I will take you by the hand and walk you through the steps to create sale after sale after sale!
You will have access to my personal email & skype addresses.

Personal coaching usually costs at least $200/hour. So this bonus is truly



     2 Custom Written eBooks on Researched Niche Topics ($997-$1997)
2 High Quality Minisite Designs For Each Niche Topic ($197-$497)
     2 Highly Responsive Sales Letters ($997 - $1,497+)

    10 Articles Written Specifically To Optimize Niche Topic ($75-$120)

     5 Part eMail Marketing Series ($50-$200)

     Keyword Research and Analysis ($47-97)

     Personal One on One Support From Me (Priceless!)

    Much Much More

If you were to outsource all of this every month, you could easily pay $3,000/month. And that's not including your exclusive one on one support or your two other bonuses!

So we’re talking about a BOATLOAD of value each and every month for a small fraction of what it actually costs.

We could EASILY charge you over $197/month for this amazing PLR Niche Club 2.0 Membership.

However, due to the today’s tough economic conditions, I understand that $197 is not easy to come by.

Perhaps $97/month is more fair?

Yes, it is definitely fair … but my goal is to help you make money FAST so I want to make this offer as affordable as possible to erase all of your excuses for not being successful in your online business.

For a LIMITED-TIME, you can take advantage of the fact that I’ve temporarily lost my mind!

Now, you can gain INSTANT and FULL access to the PLR Niche Club 2.0 Member’s Area for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That’s over $3,000 worth of content for a total of just no costs at all for you to access!

YES, RAIEL! I'm Ready To Begin My Risk-Free Membership and To Start Skyrocketing My Income With High-Octane Niche PLR From Your Automatic Wealth Building Membership Club For Absolutely Free!

  • I Understand that during this test drive I will have UNLIMITED access to all areas of the program.

  • I also know that if I am not COMPLETELY satisfied with your program in the next 60 days, I can have 100% of my money back.

  • Last of all, I know if I don't take advantage of your offer RIGHT NOW, the 8 membership features and the bonuses might be gone forever because we are capping off our membership so that competition remains low.

Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

"I Make 6 Figures a Year Marketing Online And a Good 60-70% of that Profit is Made From Utilizing Good
Quality PLR and Selling it"

I make 6 figures a year marketing online and a good 60-70% of that profit is made from utilizing good quality PLR and selling it.

If you're serious about making good money with PLR. Then look no further than PLRNicheclub 2.0. Michaels provides great quality PLR material and it's a true bargain at the price he is offering.

More importantly you stand to make a great deal of money with it. This is my secret source for my top PLR packages =)


Alvin Huang


"For the Membership Price Raiel is Asking You Should Run and Grab it NOW, Before He Comes to His Senses and Raises the Price."

This is a membership that any marketer, at any level, can benefit from.

It starts with the excellent PLR packages (2 of them) you get each and every month. The packages are based on a high quality product (I was impressed by what I found inside) and include everything you need to start using them right away.

It continues with the bonuses and training, allowing even the most novice member to utilize the packages successfully. The online set of tools is a real treat and I'm sure they will be loved by all.

And last but not least - the gold membership in the PLReBookClub... The amount and quality of products you can find in there is mind blowing and it gets bigger and bigger every month.

For the membership price Raiel is asking you should run and grab it NOW, before he comes to his senses and raises the price.

Go now and thank me later!

Ely Shemer

"I'm Impressed With The Research That Has Gone Into The Development Of These Products"

The PLR Niche Club has new, original turnkey businesses every month.

These aren't products and sites you can find at other places either. They've been created just for members and are strictly limited.

I'm impressed with the research that has gone into the development of these products because it's obvious with the quality that comes out... there's definitely much more value than investment here and a great way to boost monthly profits.

Well done Raiel!

Doug Barger


"Oh Man You Proved That My Thoughts Were Completely Wrong!"

Hello Raiel,

When I joined your new membership site I was skeptical if it was a new membership site with rehashed or low quality products.

Oh man you proved that my thoughts were completely wrong!

Your membership site provides great stuff each and every month.

If there only would be the monthly downloads PLR products the price for your membership would already be justified - but with the training area, the always growing PLR Directory, and your custom article spinner it is a no brainer.

You have done a great job.


Dirk Wagner

To Your Success,

Raiel Schwartz  

Successful Internet Marketer

P.S. You Must ACT NOW if you want to be a part of this membership club! Any second thoughts will end up costing you EVEN MORE MONEY and TIME as you continue to throw it all away on low-class PLR products.

Even worse, you can keep trying to do it all yourself and end up being counter-productive as usual. Now is your chance to finally stop the pain… stop the losses… stop the regret and stop the failure!

P.P.S. Now you can join an exclusive, elite group of marketers who know the importance of leveraging their time and money in order to create MASSIVE PROFITS with VERY LITTLE to NO WORK.

P.P.P.S. You really don’t have anything to lose with this offer. At this price, it’s truly a NO-BRAINER. If you wait, you could end up paying MUCH more for this membership as the price will go up. So get in today and start making the money you DESERVE!

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